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Otthonok & Megoldások magazine

Otthonok és Megoldások magazine is the very own brand of Fundamenta Building Savings Ltd., which inspires and informs its client on offline and online interfaces, as well as providing tips and ideas about the options to use the saved amount. Its diverse topics and many-many practical tips make it unique among interior decoration magazines.

Beginning of co-operation: 2015 August

What they said about us:

Felegyi Tímea
Marketing co-ordinator,
Fundamenta Building Savings Ltd.
The co-operation with the publishing house has been very smooth running from the very first moment: our print and online publication is in the best of hands, with a team where a high level of professionalism goes hand in hand with enthusiasm and dedication. The number of visitors on the websites owned by Fundamenta Building Savings Ltd., the performance of its Facebook-profile, breaks records each month, since the co-operation with Marquard Media began, and exceeds our expectations. We see during the joint work that Marquard is not satisfied with the very best result, but with enormous proactivity, they aim for even more than that.”

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