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We produce our premium magazines, special isssues, client-magazines, as well as the successful and cost-effective presentation of the print, online and marketing activities of our advertisers at a level in conformity a with high-level standard, with the innovative application of technical novelties, supported by the professional expertise of our cooperating partners with their second to none colour and interface treatment solutions.

Look for our website with whatever individual idea you might come up with, the design thereof, or for professional advice.

Our cooperating partners

IPress Center Central Europe Zrt /
Keskeny és Társai 2001 Kft /
ColorCom Media Kft /

Basic activities

  • indenting in a specified place
  • glueing of sample product in a specified place
  • individual wrapping into water-clear foil
  • individual shrink-film wrapping with 3D product into water-clear foil

Creative solutions

  • 6 - 8 - 10 page fold-out covers with various solutions
  • 4 - 6 page fold-out supplement
  • perforated (pull-out) supplement
  • die- cut (produced to a given shape) supplement
  • semi paper strap,respectively full paper strap around the magazine
  • production and sticking on of stickers, post-its and bookmarks
  • effect lacquers (hybrid-, shape lacquer, dispersion lacquers)
  • page printed with scented lacquer
  • the use of soluble paint in water respectively the use of paint disappearing on contact with heat
  • foil stamping (gold,silver)
  • use of printable silver coldfoil
  • direct colours (in addition to the use of the 4 basic colours, the use of the 5th and 6th colour) metal and neon colours
  • serially numbered pages
  • production,printing and the glueing in-between of sheets of tracing paper and pvc in the magazine
  • production of lenticular pages
  • design of pop-up advertisements
  • effectuation of individual voucher and cardboard presentations


Csilla Tompa
Production Director

For us, the „production” is a true feat: with the application of novelties, balancing on the rope of time, we wish to dazzle our readers with our spectacular appearance, and thus enable our advertisers to lean back comfortably, and then to return again as soon as possible.

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