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Content Studio is the intellectual creative workshop of Marquard Media. Our mission is to help our partners in the development and and coming into being of their content strategy. Our content creating expertise, distribution capabilities, knowledge and respectively our research, data collection and analysis services are readily available to all our partners, who believe in the power of the content connected to brands.



Innovation, design, development, research, analytics, optimalization – these are all just popular words until a talented group fills them with content. If needed we use our creative thinking, if needed we use our rationalism, our people focussed attitude, our quick thinking and our passion for the digital world is what makes us unique on the market.



Experiences, meetings, talks, unique and memorable moments – these are the things the Events division of Marquard Media provides opportunities for. Our several years of experience in event organization, the communication strength of our portfolio, our client-centred thinking, our approachability and flexibility are all part of the package in in order to succeed.

Marquard Media is more than just a magazine publishing company: we believe in the contents which work well independently of platforms, we believe in ground-breaking digital solutions, and in the strengths of personal experiences. In addition to the continuous development of our own brands we help our clients along these three pillars with personalized and integrated solutions, with the services of Marquard Content Studio, Marquard Media Digital, and Marquard Events divisions.

Why is Marquard the right business partner for you?

  • We are a stable, successful, reliable and innovative company, which is able to react quickly to the changes of the market environment, both with internal and with external developments.
  • We guarantee the exigent and exclusive quality which characterizes us best, both in terms of content and form to our partners.
  • In addition to the publication of premium print products which form the basis of our activity, we are present at every digital platform, we always offer up to date technical and content solutions, moreover we can also offer the services of a digital agency.
  • With our wide-ranging business solutions, and several years of experience we not only make our own brands a success, but we also (help) make the brands of our partners a success.