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Playboy is perhaps the world’s best known magazine, its name is equivalent to quality men’s entertainment and the unique, unimitable Playboy feeling everywhere. In addition to providing entertainment, the Hungarian edition places an especially big emphasis on in-depth interviews, thought- provoking publicism, uniquely in depth interviews and on quality and special picture material.

printed copies:*18K
nearly1M monthly pageviews**
50Kmonthly real users**

facebook followers:33K

instagram followers:123K

newletter subscribers:51K

Playboy continuously reacts to the world which is always changing, in addition to the magazine, we show within the framework of exciting initiatives what the “new playboys” of the “new times” are like”: we make room for those 21st century Hungarian men, who in addition to hedonism, also find it important to make their immediate and wider environment as better as much as they possibly can – so that they too, can leave a trace of value in the world.

Bus István
Production Director
“One of the new motto’s of American Playboy is the following: ‘Make yourself a better man!’ We, however, have already been editing the Hungarian edition with this in mind for a long time.”

The Playboy reader

  • The 21st century, self-assured man to whom individuality is important. He pays attention to his outward appearance, yet at the same time inner values are also important to him. He measures success not only in prestige assets, but also in inner values and human stories.
  • The Playboy reader is between 20-45 years of age, has a secondary school, college or university degree and an AB consumer status, a typically city dwelling man who plays an active role in economic life, is sensitive about quality and is self-assured.

According to our 2015 brand research:

  • Playboy readers regard the magazine as the luxury world of successful men, in which the primary characteristics are: wealth, luxury, elegance, exigence, success, ambition, power, prestige, resolve, strength, freedom, limitlessness, sexuality, excitement, passion and internationalism.

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* Source: Marquard Media Ltd. Distribution Department, 2018 Q4 - saját adatok

** Source: / teljes / minden platforrm / Q4