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The world, as You like it

Joy, which made its debut on the Hungarian market in 1998 is the market leading women’s monthly since many long years. Joy is always there where things happen, so it gives its readers first hand information about what’s new, trends, the latest on local and international celebrities, the very latest fashion trends, beauty treatment trends and beauty products.

printed copies:60 375(May and November 180.000)*
more than8Mmonthly pageviews**
more than715Kmonthly real users**

facebook followers:256K

instagram followers:56 100

newsletter subscribers:63K

Each and every page of Joy magazine aims to put a smile on its readers’ faces with its articles of positive tone, vivid pictures and illustrations, and inspires us to always look on the bright side of life. So to lend a helping hand in this, each month the magazine comes packed with relationship themes, self-knowledge articles, useful career advice, entertainment and culture tips, so that readers can bring out the best in themselves.

Alberti Petra
Production Director

The JOY reader

  • Today’s modern woman, who is positive, energetic and enjoys life. She treads her own path, and continuously works on herself. She looks for the real things in life, and wants empathy rather than guidance. To her, beauty and fashion are a kind of creative game with which she can reflect her own personality.
  • Our typical reader is between 18-35 years of age with secondary school, college, or university degree, with ABC consumer status, a purposeful purchase power.

According to our Needscope research:

  • 82% of Joy readers are younger than 39 years, 92% have a secondary school, college or university degree, 80% are city dwellers. 88% have a smartphone and 92% of them are present on Facebook.
  • Joy was named most often by readers as their most preferred magazine (75%) with this percentage every other women’s magazine (Cosmopolitan, Glamour , Elle, Nők Lapja [“Women’s Magazine”], Marie Claire) trails behind Joy.
  • According to our readers the Joy image is: Joy is an entertaining, funny, cool, relaxed and light magazine which is varied, full of life, colourful and vibrant, yet at the same time there is energy and the strive for independence is in it. Looks and fashion are at the centre of Joy, this is where colourfulness is the essence, while other contents of the magazine contribute to variedness. According to our readers Joy presents an exceptionally dynamic, inspirational and happy lifestyle.

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* Source: Marquard Media Ltd. Distribution Department, 2018 Q4 - saját adatok

** Source: / teljes / minden platforrm / Q4

*** Needscope results: TNS Hoffmann – Marquard Media 2015