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Style born out of fashion

In Style as the world’s leading and Hungary’s one and only magazine of style tempts the reader to discover the world of fashion and style. It entertains, informs and inspires at the same time. InStyle presents everything through stylish celebrities who convey value, from the newest trends in fashion and beauty, to the most gorgeous celebrity homes and the importance of philantrophy.

printed copies:16 850
more than2Mmonthly pageviews**
more than200Kmonthly real users**

facebook followers:36K

instagram followers:41K

newsletter subscribers:9 500

No other magazine has such a close relationship with the world’s most charming celebrities as InStyle. This incomparable, second to none good relationship and the unique approach to style guarantees the “unique In Style experience” for the reader. Each and every page of the magazine can be used as a personal stylist, the country’s most sought-after stylists help to find the best pieces of clothing and accessories, choosing the accessible and wearable pieces from the selection of shops, which we showcase along with useful everyday style tips in the magazine.

Ribánszky Ágota
Production Director

The InStyle reader

  • The dynamic and optimistic woman who likes to get inspired, and try out new things. Fashion and beauty are important to her, she regards these as a form of self-expression. She keeps up with the world. The totally unique style may just as well be her signature style as the classic, refined appearance.
  • The typical InStyle reader is between 25-39 years, highly educated, a woman with AB social status, who typically is a city dweller, her income is above average.

According to our Needscope research:

  • 84% of the readers of InStyle are younger than 39 years, 98% of them have a secondary school, college, or university degree, 95% of them are city dwellers. 78% of them have a smartphone, and 92% of them are present on Facebook.
  • According to its readers the InStyle image is: InStyle is youthful, fashionable and modern, and presents all this to its readers on a premium level. The readers see the magazine as practical because in addition to showcasing elegant high fashion, the simpler, clean cut clothes also get to play a role, at the same time the magazine is made more colourful still by short newsflashes, tips, current trends and other themes.

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* Source: Marquard Media Ltd. Distribution Department, 2018 Q4 - saját adatok

** Source: / teljes / minden platforrm / Q4

*** Needscope results: TNS Hoffmann – Marquard Media 2015