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Because our happy children are our evertyhing!

We try to prepare our children for every possible outcome in a completely unpredictable world. Yet all they would need from us is to be there with them and for them at the moment we spend together.

Child’s Soul (Gyereklélek) features psychology, parenting and educational information in an easy-to-understand and entertaining style. It helps modern parents to become more self-assured and more empathic with themselves.It emphasizes that parents are also allowed to fail and to make mistakes, and it isnever too late to change, and that all children are different and therefore everyoneis encouraged to look for tailor-made methods and solutions. The ial staffis supported by experts on the subject – psychologists, development teachers, educational experts, and pediatrics. We do not get confused by finding conflicting views and approaches on a particular subject – if all are well founded, we leave the choice to the reader. But we all have one thing in common:our children are our everything!

Tomsits Tímea
Production Director
“It has been only for two generations that children have become the protagonists and main characters of our life. Besides great happiness and joy, that also comes with a great deal of uncertainty. There is a lot of new information for parents, who try to learn about new topics such as optimal bonding, early development,development psychology, affectionate birth, conscious nutrition, love language, or fetal communication. It is important that parents gather the information from reliable and controlled sources, where various different approaches and opinions are presented.”

Child's Soul magazine readers:

  • for all future and already parent for those who do not always feel necessary to be the perfect parent, since our kids need our honesty the foremost, this is how we can help them accept and endorse their own real self.
  • for those who sense the needs of their children, can adapt to it, and wish to give the right reaction with the right timing.
  • Women older than 25 years, with a modern mentality, typically living in a large city,with bachelor degree or higher, in a financialsituation above the average.
  • with consumer status aBc1, taking conscious and exigent decisions as consumer.
  • physical and psychological development of their children play a central role intheir life, therefore they are willing to spend for this purpose.

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Publication rapporteur: Gyalog Bettina
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