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I see myself in it

Our very own brand both development-wise and concept-wise, Éva Magazine is made for those women in their thirties or forties who already lead their own established lives. We write for and about women who are single and childless or have a family and raise/foster children. We write for and about women who care about themselves, are intelligent and only spend time on things which really matter.

printed copies:*23 600
1,5Mmonthly pageviews**
more than200Kmonthly real users**

facebook followers:76K

instagram followers:9 500

newsletter subscribers:28 ezer

Éva is a no-nonsense magazine for sensible women. Éva reflects the versatility of life, while it is not idealistic and does not idealize. Éva readers do not expect from their magazine to establish their tastes, shape their identity, they look for high standard reading material for their existing lifestyle instead. Éva magazine deals with burning social issues, just as it deals with environment protection, everyday family matters with lessons to be learned from them, life coaching and health issues, practical questions, such as for example, where to hang our children’s drawings, how seriously a juice fast should be taken, or what the latest fashion trends have to offer.

Tomsits Tímea
Production Director

The Éva reader

  • The modern single/ family woman, the open and conscious personality who is also sensitive to other people’s needs. She strives for harmony in her surroundings, the world in which she lives, is important to her. She likes practical things, the feasible fashion ideas, the thought-provoking talks. Authenticity and quality are important to her.
  • The typical Éva reader is between 30-49 years has a secondary school, college or university degree, is in a financially more favourable situation than the average person, with an ABC consumer status, and is an urban woman with exigent and exceptionally conscious consumer behaviour.

According to our Needscope research:

  • 97% of Éva readers have a secondary school, college or university degree, and 80% of them are city dwellers. 77% of them have a smartphone and 90% of them are present on Facebook.
  • According to its readers the Éva image is: Éva’s deepest values are its subduedness, the fact that its well-thought out, and its harmony. The magazine has a friendly, informal tone, but at the same time it is also caring and resposible. The readers value the magazine’s honesty and authenticity, because the magazine always looks deeper and beyond, and also presents the problems. According to the reader, it is easy to connect with Éva, to the lifestyle it offers, to the role model it presents because it is practical, down to earth, as it presents products and sample products which are of good price to value ratio, and can be used in their everyday lives. Éva focuses not only on the appearance, but also on the wholeness of life, its themes rhyme with the things and problems which interest its readers.


Brand manager: Henriett Csík
Ph: (+36-1) 50-50-862 Send message
Publication rapporteur: László Mária
Ph: (+36-1) 50-50-880 Send message

* Source: Marquard Media Ltd. Distribution Department, 2018 Q4 - saját adatok

** Source: / teljes / minden platforrm / Q4

*** Needscope results: TNS Hoffmann – Marquard Media 2015