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About us

Marquard Media Hungary

Brands and advertising

Marquard Media Hungary Ltd. is the publisher of market leading premium lifestyle magazines , and is also a premium content provider. Marquard Media is present in its readers’ lives with the brands JOY, InStyle, Shape, Éva, Men’s Health, Apa, Runner World and Playboy brands respectively.

Business solutions

Marquard Media endeavours to offer its partners individually tailored solutions in addition to appearing in the Publishing House’s own brands.


Make use of our subscription services, within the framework of which you will find your favourite magazine in your mailbox at a favourable price. Our Publishing House offers a delivery and money back guarantee on all our publications. Our current subscription offers can also be found at:

Marquard Media Hungary Ltd. is a market leader in the production and provision of premium content. Our internationally licensed and locally developed publications are all, without exception, market leaders in their own segment. The publishing house which previously operated exclusively with a print background, now operates as a media company which offers complex communication solutions. In addition to print and online publishing activities, three other business branches ensure the stable position of the company on the media market. Our digital activities are collected under the name Marquard Media Digital, while Content Studio is the intellectual workshop of Marquard Media, the aim of which is to aid its partners in the development and effectuation of their content strategy. Our Events division deals with the sponsorship of events and other brand activations within the framework of integrated co-operations. We are proud of the fact, that as a successful, trustworthy and innovative company we are able to react quickly to the changes or the market environment with both internal and external developments. We guarantee the exigent and exclusive quality which characterizes us best both in terms of content and form to our partners. With our diversified business solutions, and our expertise of several decades we not only make our own products a success, but also help the brands of our clients in becoming a success.

Marquard Media Hungary Ltd is a subsidiary company of the international media company Marquard Media AG, and its single owner is Jürg Marquard. Our parent company is present in four Western and Central European countries: Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary. In Germany it has a majority ownership in Computec Media Ag, the largest publishing house in information technology. In Poland, in addition to several premium lifestyle magazines, publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire and Jamie Oliver also belong to Marquard Media Polska’s portfolio.


As producers and providers of premium content, relevant, eye-catching and authentic ial content is our trademark. We use our expertise, talent and creativity to create worth and value with our local and international lifestyle brands, to make the life of our readers more colourful, interesting, complete, and also to contribute to the successes of our business partners with our innovative, professional, and flexible co-operation.

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Corporate Social Responsibilty

As one of the leading media companies we firmly believe that business and philantrophy, or responsible company behaviour belong together. We are aware, that we play a key role in the shaping of the social view, in the development of conscious and responsible thinking, since we have a serious influence on our readers’ view of the world, values, and way of life. We not only have an influence on what they see of the world, and how they see it, but also on what they consider to be important in it. Therefore it is our aim to not only create value with the means in our hands, but also to draw attention to the importance of corporate social responsibility, or to the acceptance and valuation of the kind of beauty which differs from the traditionally accepted one, and to emphasize the role of philantrophy in our everyday lives as well.

The year 2015 has already been spent with a conscious, strategically thought-through CSR activity in mind, which will be continued in the current year as well. The Joy Fairy has supported the work of the Animal Police in the spring of 2016, Runner’s World stands up for the improvement of the situation and life of children with Down-syndrome. Éva’s Tolerance Movement stresses the importance of acceptance, while Playboy Hero provides guidelines for the participation of the responsible 21st century male.