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Events, activations

Marquard Media brand expansions

At the events connected with Marquard Media’s own brands we provide a unique opportunity for our clients to present themselves. We offer integrated solutions from the development of creative concept and appearance design to the full organization and arrangement of the event. With the help of our unique portfolio and are exciting tools we are able to personally reach the most diverse groups: whether those groups are male or female, young or mature, mass or niche audience – we have an idea for everything.

Partner events

Based on individual brainstorming we effectuate events tailored to our clients’ purposes (shopping nights, outdoor corporate catering, samplings, themed event series) with integrated communication support. During the course of the joint work we always strive to provide our clients with personal and lasting experiences, because we believe that an event can become an effective brand communication tool only in this manner. Among our already successfully effectuated projects there have been drawing contests, cooking courses, shopping parties, road shows and a blogger contest, with the support of the Publishing House’s portfolio.

Giveaways and Contests

The support of our clients’ promotions, special offers, with individually made giveaways, photo contests, knowledge-based quizzes or outdoor corporate activities. We help with the development of the games’mechanisms, with the production of the creative materials as well, and if needed, we can help both with the planning and the development of an individual microsite, even with local, print, or digital support interfaces, so that the call can reach the masses.

This is where we throw in everything in order to achieve success. Our leading brands and platforms just can’t wait to intertwine, and as a result of lucky connections, events which we will remember gladly, and which are filled with giveaways and contest can be organized, these events motivate a lot of people, and in the end always put a smile on the lucky winners’ faces. Our kind and expert colleagues, our quick wit, cost-consciousness, our approach to try and find a solution, and our ability to see even the tiniest detail in addition to the “big picture”– are the things which make us truly unique.

Our references

Joy Days

InStyle Style award

Marketing Gyémánt díj

Playboy Man of the year

Playboy Driver's club

Playboy Hero

“With the birth of Marquard Media’s Events division, several novel events of ours were effectuated. These projects, in addition to supporting the event policies of Westend, receive positive feedback both from visitors and lessees alike. The expectations we set with regard to the effectuation of the events are always fulfilled to the maximum, the basis of this is provided by the well-built communication and the precise effectuation of the events.”
- László Kata, Westend marketing director

“We have been working with the Marquard Events Team for years and our experience shows that they are very professional, creative and effective, and in addition to all this, they are very flexible as well. We only have positive experiences about our joint events.”
- Hegedűs Izabella, F&F Content & Community Manager


Zelma Balogh
Director of Event Services

As the Manager of the Event Business Branch I believe that new ideas and experiences can only be thought out and be turned into reality by a team whose energies work well together, and for whom work is entertainment, in addition to their creativity and innovative vision. Our job is the development and realization of thematic, complex customer specific events, integrated communication concepts. We like to entertain and like to provide a joyful experience!

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