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Innovation and design

Strategy and planning

The most important thing during the development of the products is how they will actually work, and how they will make the life of users easier, or even more interesting for that matter. Our primary aspect is mobile focussed design during the course of development in response to the current trends in content consumer behaviour.

Design Thinking/Constructive, creative thinking

The aim of Design Thinking is to find how we can make the service we provide useful, useable, effective, successful and desirable. In order for us to be successful and to create a really innovative service provision design we always keep the following basic principles in mind.

Our methodology

In the rapidly developing digital world, we consider continuous renewal and conformation our most important task. We regularly watch, follow and get to know the latest and the most up to date methods, we use these as required both at the time of creating the strategy and at the time of the creation of the to be made product, during the course of the arising phases.

Marquard Digital is the innovative centre of our company. We pay attention smartly and vigilantly, learn quickly, and say self-assuredly that by this day we know all there is to know about each and every phase of digital content production, we are at home on every platform, and our curiosity continues to remain unsatisfied, when it comes to the latest technology and tools. Our team presently consists of 22 people, but we are continuously expanding the number of persons with enthusiastic online editors, illustrators, developers and production experts who collectively help our partners’ successful co-operation in digital space.

Marquard Digital is able to combine the service provision of a digital agency with the communication possibilities contained in the media channels and content production capacities of the publishing house. We believe that our design-centred view, creative talent, our desire of knowledge which goes far beyond the digital world, and extends to every minute detail, and our customer-centred project management practice are the things which make us truly unique. Informality is one of the bases of our workshop-like operation, the meaningful talks and continuous contact with our partners are the most important means of understanding.