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Content that touches. Content that works.

Create & Design

We create and we shape: true stories with a unique narrative voice. As premium content providers our trademark is quality content, and Content Studio co-operates with every possible means so that for its partners are able to address their audience with relevant, authentic and eye-catching content at all those platforms where they are present.

Distribute & connect

We distribute and make connections: we bring together the content with the channel, the channel with the audience, and the audience with the content. We avoid the masses which are irrelevant for the given brand, we target the exceptionally related and close target groups specifically, always do so on the appropriate tool and by the appropriate means.

Research & analyze & optimize

We research, we analyze, evaluate and continuously optimize: as the result of the three phases which are built on each other, the content becomes more relevant and our stories reach the target with more precision. We gladly include our partners in these learning and building processes, because we believe that collective thinking, continuous dialogue and the streaming of information greatly contribute to success.

Content Studio is the intellectual workshop of Marquard Media, created with the aim to help its partners with the development and effectuation of their content strategy.

Our mother tongue is content. Can we help?

Our content producing expertise, creative talent, distribution capacity, knowledge, and respectively research, data collection and analysis services are readily accessible to our partners who believe in the power of the content connected to brands.

With our twenty years experience in publishing we help you to pass on the values represented by the brand, we contribute to the increase of customer loyalty, through which we provide the measurable business results for our clients.

Create & Design

  • development and effectuation of content strategy
  • full-scope management of brand magazines
  • social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube)
  • full scope of printing services
  • native content solutions
  • unique e-commerce supporting contents (with the aim to motivate purchase)
  • E-dm (newsletter, database and content management)
  • production of photographed (product, portrait, bazaar, styled bazaar, fashion story) and video
  • copywriting and copywriting management

Distribute & connect

  • communication advice: reach through the publishing house’s own brands/inclusion of follower groups, and the selection of further print and digital distribution channels and means tailored to the content
  • the management of complex distribution processes: thanks to our long-term business relationship with leading distribution companies and our publishing background we offer effective and cost-conscious distribution solutions with regard to printed products
  • the inclusion of leading social media channels: only tools, means and solutions tried and tested by ourselves are recommended to make the content reach the target  
  • the increase of the efficiency of campaigns: new distribution solutions after the definition of factual client needs  

Research & analyze & optimize

  • the as full as possible scope of knowing the brand’s target group with the help of the most modern analytical tools
  • continuous review and shaping of content strategy and content elements based on the results
  • platform strategy advice
  • operative workflow planning, optimalization
  • the inclusion of our partners in the analytical and creative works as required

Content marketing trends 2016

2016 will be the year when the product as content will clash with the concept of the product as content. Perhaps the most positive change will be that the companies will target innovation and user experience by following the latest trend. Therefore they will carry out reorganization in the field of brand, product, marketing and customer service respectively.
- Robert Rose, Strategy Manager, Content Marketing Institute

Well, isn’t it strange that our branch of industry was unable to create good content since such a long time? We like to say that “the foundation of good marketing is good content”, but instead of helping others create better content, we waste time on worries about distribution, technology and surveys, and while it is really important to concentrate on these, they are covered anyway. Next year, content marketing people will not only have to focus on how to reach people, but also on how to move along with them to the same rhythm. In case of adult target groups those companies will be on the winning side who employ the very best of producers. Yes, these days it feels great to work in marketing, but from tomorrow on it will feel greater still.
- Jay Acunzo, Vice President Platform and Content, Next View Ventures

Every sign is pointing to the video. In 2016 the video will be the key role player for every brand – even for B2B (business to business) commerce. This is partly so because the appetite of the clients is insatiable for videos (even poorer quality real time videos), and partly because the video is the most effective tool to take content marketing to pieces: if there is a video, there is also an audio. If there is a video, there is a text also (through transcript). If there is a video, there is also a photo. But it does not work the other way around. In 2016 the video will take its well-deserved place as the essence of superb content marketing.
- JAY BAER, President of Convince & Convert Consulting and Media Company

Everyone will be swamped by content, so 2016 will be the year to stand out. There will be more creative campaigns. Companies will know more about creative work. Content will be distributed through audience influencers and media channels. And at last, they will be able to show the real investment revenue gained through content marketing.
- Gini Dietrich, Director of Armet Dietrich

The focus will shift from creating “more” to presenting the “right” content – this will especially be true in the case of personalized content. Today users expect the personalized and ultra-relevant content to reach them immediately, irrespective of what they happen to do or where they happen to be – company portals, email, or really any other channel.
- Amanda Todorovich, Director of Content Marketing Cleveland Clinic

It would be important to understand the individual marketing content of our company (or of our clients) at the purchased media channels. The holistic view would be essential for the planning of the campaign or for the personalization of content for the various channels.
- Pam Didner, Author of Global Content Marketing Ruthless Pursuit

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Renáta Pastyik
Content Sales Director

Content is the KING! – this, today is the most often used motto. We at Content Studio produce and manage contents of the kind which give a new meaning to this motto.

The text and video contents produced in Content Studio help our clients achieve their business plans quickly and effectively. In our interpretation: Content is the KEY for success! – the straight road to business success.

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